Introducing the ThinkCar ThinkScan Plus S7: The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool for Automotive Professionals. With advanced features like full-system scanning, live data streaming, and extensive vehicle coverage, this compact and powerful device empowers mechanics to quickly and accurately diagnose and troubleshoot vehicle issues. Unlock efficiency and precision in your workshop with the ThinkScan Plus S7, the must-have tool for automotive professionals.
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Maintenance Funtions:

Built in System Scan

  • ABS
  • SRS
  • ECM
  • TCM
  • BCM
  • IC
  • AC

Choose 5 from 28 Available Maintenance Functions

  • Air-to-Fuel Ratio Reset
  • AdBlue Reset
  • AFS Reset
  • Airbag Reset
  • ABS Bleeding Reset
  • Battery Match
  • Brake Reset
  • Coolant Bleed Reset
  • DPF Regeneration
  • EGR Adaptation
  • Elec Throttle Relearn
  • Gear relearn Reset
  • Gear Box Relearn
  • immobilizer Reset
  • Injector Reset
  • NOX Sensor Reset
  • Odometer
  • Oil Reset
  • SAS Reset
  • Seat Calibration
  • Stop & Start Reset
  • Sunroof Reset
  • Suspension Reset
  • TPMS Resets
  • Tire Refitting Reset
  • Window Calibration
  • Transport Mode
  • Language Change

Included Standard Resets

Mode 01 - Request Current Powertrain Diagnostic Data: Retrieves real-time data from the vehicle's engine and emission systems, such as engine RPM, vehicle speed, fuel trim, and more.
Mode 02 - Request Freeze Frame Data: Retrieves a snapshot of the vehicle's data at the time when a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) was triggered, providing a valuable reference for diagnosis.
Mode 03 - Request Stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Retrieves the DTCs stored in the vehicle's computer memory, indicating specific issues or faults that have been detected.
Mode 04 - Clear/Reset Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Clears or resets the stored DTCs and turns off the Check Engine Light (MIL) after the related issues have been resolved.
Mode 05 - Request Oxygen Sensor Monitoring Tests: Monitors the operation and performance of the oxygen sensors in the vehicle's exhaust system, providing data on fuel mixture and emissions.
Mode 06 - Request On-Board Monitoring Tests Results: Provides access to the results of various self-tests conducted by the vehicle's onboard systems, including catalyst efficiency, evaporative system, and more.
Mode 07 - Request Pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Retrieves the DTCs that are pending and have not yet triggered the Check Engine Light, indicating potential issues that require attention.
Mode 08 - Request Control of On-Board Systems: Allows control and testing of certain vehicle systems or components, such as turning on/off specific actuators or performing system self-tests.
Mode 09 - Request Vehicle Information: Retrieves information about the vehicle's identification, calibration, and programming, including VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), ECU software version, and more.
Mode 10 - Request Permanent Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Retrieves any permanent DTCs that cannot be cleared by the vehicle's computer, indicating persistent issues that require further attention.


Operating System: Android 7.0

Memory: 1G

Storage: 8G

Warranty: 1 Year Limited


The Thinkcar THINKSCAN PLUS S7 features a standard OBD2 16-pin connector, which allows for seamless compatibility with most modern vehicles. The 16-pin connector is the industry standard interface found in vehicles manufactured after 1996, enabling easy and reliable access to the vehicle's onboard diagnostic system.

Note: The specific functionality and features may vary based on the vehicle make, model, and software capabilities.