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Thinkcar is a leading supplier and manufacturer of automotive diagnostic and OBD2 Scanner tools for mechanics, repair shops, and industry professionals. It provides full OBD functions and enhanced full vehicle modules health report. It is featured with premium functions like Real-Time Remote Diagnostic, and vehicle Black Box (OBD data recording).

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THINKTOOL PLATINUM S20 - Professional OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool for Engine

This advanced tool offers unrivaled capabilities, empowering professionals with quick and accurate scanning for engine, transmission, ABS, and more. With a user-friendly interface and real-time data, you can identify and resolve issues efficiently. The Platinum S20 is equipped with active tests, coding, service resets, and a vast database of diagnostic codes. Its compatibility with various vehicle makes and models ensures optimal performance. Maximize efficiency and unlock your vehicle's true potential with this state-of-the-art diagnostic tool.

THINKTOOL PLATINUM S20 with Oscilloscope- 13.3" Inch HD LED Touch Screen Scan Tool Tablet Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Scanner

The THINKTOOL PLATINUM S20 with oscilloscope is the newest in cutting-edge vehicle diagnostics. This tool is packed full of advanced technology, and superior hardware. The S20 is the most powerful diagnostic tool on the market. The PLATINUM S20 has a 13.3 inch LED touch screen and 800 nits brightness, as well as a robust rubberized tested outer housing to protect all the packed superior hardware in the inside. The perfect well thought out industrial design is also equipped with an upgraded Wi-Fi antenna for increased connection speeds.

THINKCAR Platinum S12 Advanced Diagnostic System Professional All-in-One Automotive Diagnostic Solution

The Platinum S12 is a professional grade diagnostic scanner that offers high OE level capabilities with an industry first 12 inch LCD screen. Includes a 4-Core 2.0 GHz processor and Android 10 operating system. This OBD2 Scanner car code reader provides fast and precise diagnosis results. Its topology features allows technicians to have a clear picture of the automobile's sensor systems and quickly find the communication issues or identify trouble codes. The Thinkcar Platinum S12 offers cloud-based programing and online coding for various makes. This obd2 scanner can perform active tests, coding, initializations, memory resets, and much more.

THINKCAR PLATINUM S10 PRO - 10 inch OBD2 Scanner Tablet - Car Code Reader Professional Diagnostic Equipment Tool-35 Maintenance Functions

The Thinkcar Platinum S10 PRO vehicle diagnostic Scan Tool is the newest model with the latest in Android 10 technology. This car diagnostic tablet is an advanced professional automotive diagnostic tool with OE level special functions. This scan tool has Complete functions for technicians such as vehicle scan, read/clear fault codes, live data. Powerful full systems diagnostic capabilities with the latest in superior hardware. Supports Benz, BMW, Audi, Nissan, VW, Ford, GM and more. Supports up to 35 service maintenance resets, TPMS relearn and programming tool, ADAS feature, and covers 99% of vehicle brands on the market. This professional scan tool also has available printer, videoscope, work light, thermal imager, scope box, TPMS activation model, and battery tester ready to connect.

THINKCAR PLATINUM S8 PRO - 8" inch OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Professional Vehicle Diagnostic Tablet Tool

The Thinkcar PLATINUM S8 PRO is the newest compact model with the latest in Android 10 technology. Powerful full systems OE level diagnostic capabilities with the latest in superior hardware. Supports up to 28 service maintenance resets, TPMS relearn and programming tool. This professional tablet scan tool covers 99% of vehicle brands on the market in a compact value driven by an 8 inch touch screen.

THINKCAR PLATINUM S6 - 6 inch OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Tablet Professional Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Tool with 28 Reset Functions

The Thinkcar PLATINUM S6 professional automotive scanner with 6" inch touch screen will give a thorough diagnosis on all available electronic control modules and troubleshoot the cause issue in minutes. Easily diagnose Check engine system, abs system, srs system, sas system, suspension system, instrument system, bcm system, air conditioning system, transmission system, steering system, dashboard system, battery charging system, D-P-F system, TPMS system and etc. With the latest Auto VIN Technology, the PLATINUM S6 automotive diagnostic scanner will be able to perform quick diagnosis and complete vehicle inspection features, which allows you to identify vehicle information like brand, year, model and etc. Additionally, the PLATINUM S6 automotive diagnostic scanner is able to read and reset fault codes , retrieve ecu information for all available systems. An economic option for all your professional diagnosis needs in an OBD2 Scanner car code reader.