The MaxiITS600Pro is a wireless, touchscreen Android-based tablet offering complete TPMS diagnostics and service functions and featuring All Systems Diagnostics and an extensive menu of the most performed service tasks. The tablet features a 5.5-inch color display and a Bluetooth-enabled vehicle communication interface (VCI). The ITS600Pro can activate, read and relearn all known sensors and can program the 1-sensor to replace 99% of the vehicles on the road today. The tablet performs all systems diagnostics to read/erase codes and view all freeze frame and live data. The ITS600Pro is compatible with the TBE200 Tire Tread & Brake Disc Wear analysis tool (sold separately). The tablet includes free TPMS software updates for the life of the tool and one year warranty coverage and one year of free diagnostic & service software updates.
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  • 5.5-inch, Wireless Touchscreen Android Tablet
  • Complete TPMS Service Tool
  • Activates, Reads and Reads All Known Sensors
  • Programs 1-Sensor to replace 99% Sensors
  • All Systems Diagnostics: Read/Erase Codes & View Freeze Frame and Live Data
  • Extensive Service Menu incl 20 common service tasks
  • Includes Wireless Bluetooth Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI)
  • Rapid VIN Acquisition Via Optical VINscan Function
  • Free TPMS Software Upgrades for life of tool
  • One Year Warranty Coverage of Diagnostics Software Updates

4 Programming Options: Copy by Activation, Copy by OBD, Manual Input, and Auto Create

3 Relearn Methods: OBD Relearn, Automatic Relearn, and Stationary Relearn.

20 Common Used Reset Functions: Oil Reset, EPB Reset, BMS Reset, SAS Reset ECT

3 Quick Vehicle Identification Ways: Auto VIN, Scan License, VIN Scan.

Activating: Trigger all the 315/433MHz TPMS sensors and read sensor information.

Compatible with American, Asian, and European vehicles with TPMS system.

Expanded TPMS Functions: ITS600PRO diagnostic scanner also provides DOT number scan, tire expiration notice, tire recall, tire tread & brake disc wear detection. (Work together with MaxiTPMS TBE200/TBE100(sold separately)).

TPMS Diagnostics: Scan TPMS ECU modules, locate vehicle problems and recover normal performance.

Hardware Configuration: 5.5” LCD Touch Screen, Bluetooth VCI, 1280x720 Resolution, 8MP Camera, 64 GB Memory, 5000mAh Battery.

20+ Service Functions:

  • Oil Reset: Reset maintenance reminder or service interval indicator
  • EPB - Electronic Parking Brake: Allows technicians to perform rear brake service on EPB equipped vehicles
  • BMS - Battery Management System: New battery registration on vehicles equipped with advanced electronic systems
  • SAS - Steering Angle Sensor: Allows technicians to perform Steering angle sensor & Zero point calibrations after alignment or service
  • Immo Keys - Immobilizer & Keys Program new or additional ignition keys (conventional and proximity)
  • Cylinder: Technicians can perform Cylinder Contribution test to aid in the diagnostic process (under development)
  • Trans Adaption: Perform transmission shift adaptation after installing a rebuilt transmission or transmission control module
  • Airbag Reset: Reset airbag system and indicator on vehicles that do not require SRS Module reprogramming
  • Injector: Perform fuel injector registration and coding on vehicles with advanced fuel management systems
  • Throttle: Electronic Throttle Calibration and idle learn for vehicles equipped with “drive by wire” throttle bodies
  • Window / Door / Roof: Component activation and calibration for power door locks, windows and sun roof;
  • Seats: Calibrate occupancy detection systems and seat weigh sensors; Headlamp: Calibration for adaptive headlight systems
  • Language Change: Change the language displayed on various control systems including the driver information center
  • CHG Tire Size: Change speedometer parameters to accommodate different wheel sizes while maintaining accuracy
  • TEC learn: Top Dead Center Offset Learn Procedure is required after Replacement of the PCM, fuel injection pump, crank position sensor or powertrain in many applications

3 Relearn Ways to Identify New Sensor:

  • Relearn function is used to transfer new sensor IDs into the vehicle ECU for sensor recognition. ITS600 diagnostic tool features 3 relearn ways including OBD Relearn, Automatic Relearn, and Stationary Relearn, which can deal with 98% of vehicle models and relearn all the 315/433MHz sensors.
  • Stationary Relearn: This relearn way requires the vehicle to be placed in the “Relearn Mode” and follow the on-screen instructions to finish “Relearn”.
  • OBD Relearn: OBD relearn allows the ITS600 reset tool to directly write the TPMS sensor IDs to the TPMS module via the OBD connector to make the on-board TPMS modules recognize the new sensors.
  • Automatic Relearn: For some vehicles, the “Relearn” function can be completed automatically by driving, which makes it quite easy to do a complete set of sensor replacement operations on your own.

3 Scan Ways of Vehicle Identification:

  • ITS600PRO TPMS tool couples with 3 quick and convenient methods available for acquiring VIN information to finish vehicle identification: Auto VIN Detect, Scan License, and Scan VIN. This technology greatly reduces the diagnostic time and brings convenience for users. If you cannot find the VIN or the camera cannot successfully identify the VIN/license number, you can manually select vehicle make, model, and year to complete vehicle identification.
  • Scan VIN: Scan the vehicle's VIN or Barcode/QR code directly to get information (vehicle make, model, year, etc.)
  • Scan License: Open the camera and scan the license number to enter the identification page, easy and useful.
  • Auto VIN Detect: Automatically acquire vehicle information and identify the application electronically through the OBDII Diagnostic Port.

Autel MX-Sensor Programming :

  • The Programming function allows users to program the sensor data to the MX-Sensor to replace existing sensors with low battery life and ones that are no longer functioning. ITS600PRO activating tool can handle maximum of 20 MX-Sensors at the same time. (TS608 only programs 16 MX-Sensors.) ITS600 reset tool is designed with 4 options for program the MX-Sensors and users can choose the appropriate method to obtain the ID according to the actual situation of the original sensor.
  • Copy by OBD: If the IDs retrieved from sensor activation and those registered to the TPMS ECU are different, ITS600PRO TPMS scanner will program the sensor IDs retrieved from the ECU to the new MX-Sensors.
  • Copy by Activation: If the original sensor still can be activated, you can use the ITS600PRO activating tool to trigger it, obtain the original IDs, and then write them into the new MX-Sensors.
  • Manual Input: If the original sensor is completely broken or can’t be activated, you can find the old ID from the label, and manually input it to new MX-Sensors.
  • Auto Create: If the original sensor cannot be activated or the original sensor ID cannot be obtained, you can use the ITS600PRO TPMS scan tool to automatically create a new random ID to MX-Sensor