The Portable Automotive ADAS LDW w/ Tablet comes with the MS909 Tablet, the MA600 Frame, Targets, Patterns Case, & ADAS Software Upgrade to calibrate Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Systems on Alpha Romeo, Honda, VW, Mercedes, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota/Lexus. Includes Toyota LDA target. ADAS Software Upgrade is compatible with MaxiSYS tablet. The system is expandable with optional expansion packs for BSM, ACC, AVM, and NV calibration coverage. Includes 1-year limited warranty and it is ideal for any garage or auto-shop that wants to offer ADAS recalibration services to their customers. The MA600 frame is sturdy and easy to use, while the MS909 tablet comes preloaded with the necessary software for performing LDW calibrations on 99% of the vehicles on the road today.
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  • Portable - Easily foldable frame create freedom to calibrate faster in many locations
  • Precise - The new distance laser and accessories provide a quicker leveling process with vehicle for Millimeter Ruler Accuracy
  • Adjustable - Fine-tuning nobs to easily

Hardware Features

  • Precise millimeter-level accuracy with multiple laser positioning and measurement tools
  • Portable flexible and easy for storage: quickly folded for transport
  • Affordable modular frame assembled with accessory tools for calibration
  • Affordable easy to move

Software Features

  • Smart compatible use with leveling lift adjustment
  • Accurate regular updates of latest OE-level diagnostic and calibration software
  • Accurate correct calibration
  • Intuitive tutorial graphics and step-by-step instructions
  • Intuitive Pre-Scan and Post-Scan Reports (ADAS module identification, calibration)
  • Expansive wider vehicle coverage
  • Expansive extend camera calibration to AVM and RCW systems with purchase of oversize patterns

MA600 Mobile Frame ADAS LDW w/ MS909 Tablet Includes:

  • New MS909 Tablet
  • MA600 Foldable Calibration Frame
  • Alfra Romeo – LDWI CSC0601/10
  • Honda / Acura – LDWI CSC0601/05
  • Honda / Acura – LDWII CSC0601/08-L
  • Honda / Acura – LDWII CSC0601/24-01
  • Honda / Acura- LDWII CSC0601/08-R
  • Hyundai / KIA – LDW CSCO601/09
  • Hyundai / KIA-LDWII CSC0601/07
  • Hyundia / KIA – LDW111 CSC701/23
  • Mazda – LDWI CSC0601/12
  • Mazda – LDWII CSC0601/13-L
  • Mazda – LDWII CSC0601/13-R
  • Mercedes – LDWII CSC0601/19
  • Mercedes-LDWI CSC0601/02
  • Mitsubishi – LDWI CSC0601/22-L
  • Mitsubishi – LDWI CSC0601/22-R
  • Nissan – LDWII CSC0601/03-L
  • Nissan – LDWII CSC0601/03-R
  • Nissan – LDWIII CSC0601/04-L
  • Nissan – LDWIII CSC0601/04-R
  • Nissan / Infiniti – LDWI CSC0601/06-L
  • Nissan / Infiniti – LDWI CSC0601/06-R
  • Subaru – LDWI CSC0601/14
  • Subaru – LDWII CSC601/17
  • Toyota – LDWII CSC0601/15
  • Toyota / Lexus – LDWI CSC0601/11
  • Toyota / Lexus – LDWIII CSC601/25
  • Toyota LDWIV – CSC0601/11-01
  • Volkswagen / Audi / Porche – LDWI CSC0601/01
  • L-shaped Bracket: Assist with measuring distance from front wheel for frame placementCSC1500/04
  • Laser Assist Mirror: Easier viewing under the car to set centerlineCSC1500/06
  • Plumb Line: Transfer centerline of vehicle to point on groundCSC1500/07
  • Laser Assisted Board: Used with Five Line or Two Line laser to find vehicle centerlineCSC1500/08
  • Five Line Laser: Used to find perpendicular axis from any pointCSC1500/05
  • Two Line Laser: Used to align calibration frame to vehicle centerlineCSC1500/03